September 27th, 2005


Consolation prize

Blue Bear phoned today to inform me of a vocalist opening in the Saturday jazz workshop, and asked if I was interested. Flattering as I wasn't even on the waiting list. This workshop has the same teacher as the class I was rejected from and he seemed impressed with my audition, so that's a plus. Also, my guitarist friend/co-worker has taken this class several times, though I don't think he'll be in it this term unfortunately.

I'm working on some charts now. It will be fun to sing jazz again.
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    Charlie Mingus, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
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One year with my love

This past Sunday, September 25, marked one year from the day I married my soulmate, boyziggy. We spent the weekend at the wonderful Stanford Inn bed & breakfast in Mendocino. There we were greeted by cats, llamas (!), colorful organic gardens, ocean views, and delicious vegetarian food. A lovely, relaxing place to celebrate our love.