November 2nd, 2005

happy headshot

iPod resolution

Mom insisted on buying me the video iPod I was craving, as a very early birthday gift. Thanks Mom! I'll try not to feel too guilty, as I'm also using it for work-related purposes. I just created my first podcast at work late yesterday - though not yet fit for public consumption, boss is impressed. (I even put in some opening and closing music courtesy of GarageBand loops.)

The 60GB black beauty just arrived today and it looks and sounds awesome. I can't wait to get it home and put more stuff on it.

Nethack final class ascension

This post will likely be of no interest to anyone other than myself and possibly purchasemonkey, but let the record show that I have finally, finally ascended a character of every class in my favorite game of all time, Nethack. Tara the neutral vegetarian weaponless Monk reached Demigoddess status tonight. All hail Chih Sung-tzu.

Some previous wins:
Priestess | Knight | Valkyrie | Rogue | Samurai | Tourist
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