December 23rd, 2005

happy self-portrait

Hair today...

I finally took the plunge and went to get my hair professionally colored. I was tired of the gray and not pleased with my attempt at putting in highlights myself (a really bad idea for someone who can't even put on makeup straight). Plus I hadn't had a haircut since before my wedding last September, and even though I'm trying to grow it out I know I really should get it trimmed every couple of months to avoid split ends etc.

So I got a recommendation from a Mime Troupe co-worker of boyziggy's to go see Ginger at Madusalon. The place had a good vibe, which is good because the entire procedure took nearly three hours (and I won't even mention the cost). I had enough time under the hair dryer to read nearly all of Curly Girl, a fun and informative book the stylist loaned me which I now definitely want to purchase. Among other things I read the recommendation that I should not use shampoo, only conditioner, to wash my hair, which is interesting.

Anyway, here are the requisite before and after photos; click photos for larger versions (please excuse the quality; some were taken with cell phone cam):

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