January 31st, 2006


More cool sites and software

  • Comic Life is an awesome Mac application that is not only for creating comics. I made a birthday card for zahraa with it, and started working on a comic version of The Battle of Zigs.

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  • LibraryThing looks to be really cool, especially if I can import the hundreds of books I already scanned into Delicious Library. Unfortunately the site is really slow right now.

  • Newsvine is a combination of wire news, user-contributed stories and comments. It's in private beta so you need an account to see it; I have a few invites left.

happy self-portrait

Hair color poll

It's time for me to get a trim and color touch-up. I'm not sure I'm too happy with my current color, so I played with Clairol's "Try It On Studio" (pretty cool actually). I showed the results to boyziggy, who said "I only see two different colors" (out of the 10). He has a point.

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