February 20th, 2006

wedding singing

A musical weekend

As a very belated birthday present, I bought boyziggy (and myself) tickets to the Qatsi Trilogy at Davies Symphony Hall. I had previously seen Koyaanisqatsi, the first of these films scored by Philip Glass, on TV, and subsequently bought DVDs of all of them for Ziggy. But this weekend was a chance to see them all with live accompaniment by the Philip Glass Ensemble.

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All three films were marred by the inept house management, which decided to start each show a full 30 minutes late since the many people getting tickets through will-call were lined up around the block. They had announced no late seating, but people continued to file in for at least the first 20 minutes of the first film, totally ruining the mood. People were even walking in front of the projector. Ziggy was outraged enough to write a letter to the president of San Francisco Performances, who had made the late-start announcements from the stage. The move was very unprofessional.

Also this weekend, I had my first private voice lesson, at Blue Bear. Ziggy and others had been nudging me to take lessons for years, and I finally took the plunge. I clicked well with my assigned teacher, Vicki Burns. Her style seemed similar to that of Jane Sharp, who I really enjoyed taking a class from at the Jazzschool in Berkeley some years back. Vicki gave me some vocal exercises which I will try to remember to practice daily.