February 22nd, 2006


Another show, and a rant

Last night boyziggy and I went to see the premiere 4 Adverbs, a play based on Daniel Handler's (author of Lemony Snicket) upcoming book. I had loved Handler's appearance on the Josh Kornbluth Show and so when hearing about this event, looked forward to seeing him again. However I didn't actually realize that it was going to be a play as opposed to a monologue. Two of the four "adverbs" were enjoyable, the others not so much. Handler did come on stage for a conversation at the end; I would have liked to hear more of him, but the evening was wearing on.

Part of the wearing-on feeling was caused by issues with the Project Artaud Theater: 1) narrow, uncomfortable seats, 2) poor sightlines, and 3) lots of noise. Having just dealt with rude audience and poor house staff issues at our previous concert outing, Ziggy and I were unhappy enough to want to curtail our future theater and concert trips. Ziggy also wrote another letter to the theater company.

However, this time we got a long, detailed, thoughtful response from the Z Space artistic director, David Dower. He addressed our concerns (a patron had suffered a heart attack during the show, unbeknownst to us, which accounted for some though not all of the noise), and was generally very forthcoming and honest. I was very glad of this as I really want to support Z Space (Josh Kornbluth's artistic home) and knew that the problems with this particular theater were not necessarily their fault.

Still, I am finding I want to go out to shows less and less because I get so annoyed by people coming in late and talking during the performance. People really shouldn't behave the same way at formal performances as they do at clubs. I hate to become even more of a hermit than I already am, but I feel it's becoming inevitable.