July 18th, 2006


Peach tea milkshake

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Just made this recipe from the Teany cookbook - yum!!

1 part peach nectar
1 part chai tea
1 part vanilla soy milk

Blend and serve over ice.

I used Stash decaf vanilla chai, and I didn't have any peach nectar so I threw in a jar of spiced peaches - yum. The book also says you can use fresh peaches, blended with a little maple syrup, instead.
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Blog against racism

I don't usually talk about race-related issues, but when I read the blog against racism post from waterowl, another biracial woman, I felt moved to speak out about my own life experiences.

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I don't deny people a desire to share in a common culture, whether it be music, food, or what have you. I just cannot fathom deciding whether to be friends or lovers with someone based on something as superficial as how much melanin is in their skin.

I am not a religious or even particularly spiritual person, but I have a revelation to share. Sometimes in quiet moments, just before falling asleep, I hear a voice speaking to me. The voice sounds like my own, but I recognize it as Truth. One of the things this voice says is that all societal divisions based on race are just flat-out wrong. To me this wisdom is not to be questioned; it is simply Truth.