September 26th, 2006

wedding singing

Rockin' again

Yesterday was the first meeting of my classic rock workshop. In anticipation I spent a good part of Sunday photocopying more music at the library and using Sibelius to make charts from those and the previous piano-vocal scores I'd copied.

The preparation paid off: After introductions and spending a great deal of time coming up with a preliminary set list, we only had time to jam on a couple of tunes, and they were both ones that I'd brought charts for: Do it Again (Steely Dan) and When the Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin). The other singer and myself had independently chosen the latter, so I let her have it as I wasn't all that confident with the high notes anyway (the song has a full two-octave range). Unfortunately I left a few key measures out of my transcription - in my defense, they weren't present in the piano-vocal score either - so the teacher is going to bring in a new chart next week. But we did really well on Do it Again.

I really like the teacher, Mike Fiorentino, who plays guitar and violin and is super-nice. Everyone seems cool actually - all but one of us have taken a Blue Bear workshop previously (one of the guitarists has taken fifteen!). And Mike (from my office) is playing bass with us, which is just icing on the cake.

I went back the library tonight to find and copy as many songs as I could from our fledgling set list. The teacher said he would get us charts, but for the other vocalist and myself I wanted to find piano-vocal scores, because we both play piano well enough that we might be able to play for each others' songs (there's no dedicated keyboard player in this group - just the usual 2 guitars, 2 singers, bass, drums). I'll still make charts for the rest of the band, as it's good practice. I've also been charged with putting together a CD, which should be easy as I already have most of the songs (Mike sent a few) and can get most of the rest from the iTunes store.

Walking to the library from work and back home again (total of four miles) has tired me out. I felt like I had to make up for not walking home yesterday though, as Mike and I took the bus to rehearsal (at Lennon in skanky Dore Alley - I told Mike about the public sex acts at the annual street fair there and he said "Do they need to get a permit for that?" How cute, well, he's from Rhode Island) - and boyziggy picked us up in a City CarShare after.

We dropped Mike off at a bus stop and went to Millennium to celebrate our second anniversary. I felt it was too late for a full meal, but enjoyed a vegan egg cream (!), Caesar salad, delectable sorbet, - and, surprisingly, a port wine offered gratis by the server. I'm not at all a wine drinker so I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it. This could be dangerous...


Last week (ending Sunday): 27 miles. Lost 1 1/2 pounds.

So far this week: 8.6 miles.

It occurs to me that I should probably shop for real walking shoes.