October 25th, 2006


Plateaued, but still moving

After dropping about five pounds, my weight has hovered around 155* for several weeks. This shouldn't be a surprise since my diet has not been optimal; I'm just so tired and unwilling to cook most nights and weekends that I end up grabbing whatever's quickest to eat in the frig, or eating out. But I have been keeping up the walking, and the hills have been getting easier. So I figure the reduced effort tells I'm not getting as much aerobic fitness as I should.

I've also been getting to work pretty sweaty, and we don't have showers here. So to address both the fitness and sweat issues, I wore workout clothes to work today, and applied deodorant and changed when I got to the office. I felt much more presentable, and did the 2.3 mile walk in 42 minutes, when it would usually take closer to 50. This while carrying a fairly heavy backpack as I brought my camera in addition to the work clothes. And by actually getting out of bed when the alarm went off at 5:45 instead of lying there for another 1/2 hour like I usually do, I was at my desk and ready to work by 8 a.m.

I think I'll keep up this habit, which should be especially helpful once it starts raining; I can just strip off my soggy clothes and put on fresh ones. boyziggy has been wanting to leave the apartment by 7:10 when we walk partway together anyway, so this should work out well for both of us.

*A number of people are mystified when I express a desire to lose weight, as they tell me I "look great" or at least "don't look fat". I'm flattered, but I do think I should weigh a good deal less, independent of what the height-weight charts say (the currently accepted BMI range translates to about 114-140lbs for my height and gender). I don't believe this concern makes me guilty of being overly concerned about body image; I'm just recognizing that I have excess unnecessary fat that I can get rid of with enough self-discipline.
wedding singing

Musical bliss

I sang really well tonight.

At The Mint on Saturday afternoon, Mike mentioned that he really liked Stevie Wonder. So I sang You Are the Sunshine of My Life. Later I remembered that I'd really liked Overjoyed when I heard it back in high school. I found that it was in the old Mint catalog, so I took a gamble that they still had it, and practiced it for three days. Tonight when we went back to the Mint, I nailed it solid.

I also performed Elton John's Border Song, which I've played many times on piano but have rarely sung in front of others. Felt really good about that one too.

And Mike was actually so moved by my singing Joe Jackson's Breaking Us in Two Saturday, that he sang it himself tonight. Though I figured he was more moved by the lyrics than by my singing, he assured me I did it quite well, which also felt good - especially as I think it was the first time I'd ever sung that tune.