December 15th, 2006



- I just updated most of the pages on my web site.

- boyziggy is skiing with his brother in Colorado. I am not. I don't like getting cold and wet.

- I'm 1/3 of the way through making videos for a DVD of my rock concert. Ziggy has to finish editing the audio (eight tracks!! His idea, not mine) before I can go any further.

- Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms is an awesome album. I had it on vinyl in high school; decided to buy it from the iTunes Store after Ziggy requested hearing Money for Nothing the other day.

- My weight is finally below 150, and I really hope it stays there this time.

- Still walking to work every single day and home nearly every day. Even in the rain/dark/cold. I made it home in 40 minutes once (2.3 miles; so 17.4 mpm or 3.4 mph). Good for exercise but I'm afraid I've now come to really hate taking the bus.

- My recently-launched project-from-hell, the FYI... UCSF in the News site, still needs work. Good experience programming it (almost) entirely from scratch, but not easy. (Most of the work was in the admin interface, which you won't see on the public site.)

- Ella's makes a mean green apple mojito.

- Got the new model of the triniTEA for work, so now I can infuse green and white teas at the proper temperature.

- We're thinking of going to Vegas in January. I've never been there. Is there anywhere we can get vegan food? (You can stop laughing now...)