April 8th, 2007


Sunny Sunday

Had a lovely perfect-weather day geocaching (lots of photos!) with boyziggy, cyan_blue, mikz, and hopeforyou. We had been trying for months to find a day all five of us could go, and finally settled on today. Geri made a list of a number of caches in the Sunset and Presidio that none of us had found yet. She then picked me and Ziggy up and we met Mik and Jen at the Canvas Café for lunch. It was fortuitous that I suggested that venue as it turns out they are closing at the end of the month, tragically. Jen, Ziggy and I then had a brief stroll in Golden Gate Park's botanical gardens before we regrouped and drove out to the ocean.

The first cache was next to a windmill surrounded by beautiful flowers, and Jen made her very first find. The next was a virtual, an easy find in a series of WPA murals; I later realized I had now found all three of these.

The third cache was considerably harder, with all of us scrambling around in rocks and bushes for quite some time before Ziggy finally tracked it down. The fourth cache was also a tough one, with me getting the honors for the eventual find. We took a well-deserved snack break at the nearby java shop (as suggested by the cache itself) after that one.

We then had a nice walk along the beach, stopping for awhile to marvel at a mesmerizing display of kite flying (short QuickTime video clips: one and two). We returned to the car and drove to the final cache of the day, a virtual with great views.

Great to get fresh air and friendship on a day that made me feel wonderful to be alive.