April 15th, 2007



Saturday I had my first Contemporary Bands workshop at Blue Bear with Bill Spooner instructing, Mike on guitar and Christina on bass. I'm the only one who signed up to sing although there were two spots; Mike and the other guitarist can sing though so may do a song or two each, and hopefully also backing vocals. Our drummer has only been playing for six months, but held up fine. We each suggested two songs as usual, and we got through one of Mike's - In My Head by Queens of the Stone Age - and one of mine - Texarkana by R.E.M. I had also transcribed Stellastarr*'s Somewhere Across Forever late Friday night, and practiced it in my voice lesson though we didn't go over it in class yet.

I'm definitely becoming more confident with transcribing by ear; Spooner only corrected a couple of chords in Texarkana. I also held my own on keyboard; being able to play and sing well at the same time is an important goal of mine for this workshop. I'll just have to remember to keep my earplugs firmly inserted as my ears and head were ringing long after the class.

Saturday night boyziggy and I went to Berkeley to celebrate zyxwvut's birthday. I enjoyed socializing, hot-tubbing, and especially snuggling with obadiah, ewhac, and the_ogre and his lady friend who is not on LJ.

We stayed late as we had a Zipcar, and were going to use it to visit Muir Woods today. But shortly after a late breakfast I collapsed in bed and didn't stir for three hours. I've been avoiding caffeine for the last couple of days and may be suffering withdrawal symptoms; the headaches haven't abated since yesterday's loud rehearsal. Hopefully I'll regain some energy by tomorrow; right now, I feel like I've been run over by a steamroller...