July 29th, 2007


On the road: Palo Alto and Santa Cruz

Friday night boyziggy and I got a ZipCar and headed to Palo Alto to see joedecker's "Above the Arctic Circle" exhibit. Gorgeous photography (and host ;-) ) and a good turnout. Ziggy took some photos (a couple from me as well).

We saw auros and plymouth there and asked if they wanted to go to dinner with us. On the way we ran into friends of theirs: eisenbud and his friend who I don't believe is on LJ. We ate at Pluto's - Ziggy and I had very yummy portobello sandwiches and garlic fries. Then eisenbud's friend told us about an amazing new frozen yogurt place, Fraiche, which had just opened; they make the yogurt fresh on the premises, dairy and soy. I had mine with freshly shaved chocolate and raspberry topping. Wow. Just, wow. Go. Eat.

We finally got back on the road, arriving in Santa Cruz late to spend the weekend there before I headed off to a computing conference. zabster joined us, lrc arriving later as he's burning the midnight oil at the office all week. Saturday morning a friend Ziggy had met at his recent laser tag tournament joined us as well, and we lunched at the excellent Charlie Hong Kong. Unfortunately Ziggy didn't realize until she arrived that she would have two young kids in tow, and I was very much not in the mood to spend the day with kids; although I have gotten better about being around children lately, this was really just not a good time. Larry offered to show them to something fun to do on his way to work, though ended up spending quite a bit of time with them, which Ziggy and I felt bad about but did appreciate. Meanwhile Ziggy, Elizabeth and I walked on the boardwalk for a bit, then took a long nap.

Later we went to a Sri Lankan restaurant, Malabar Cafe, which had the most amazing and exquisite cuisine. We had several appetizers in addition to our main dishes; mine was spinach and pistachio dumplings in a tomato curry sauce. Elizabeth claimed it was one of her top five best meals ever, and half-jokingly asked the waitress if the chef was married...

As good as the meal was, I felt bloated afterward, and so went back to the hotel to rest while Ziggy and Elizabeth went to soak at Kiva. Larry joined us later. The next morning Ziggy went and bought us cakes for breakfast at the Black China Bakery. Then we checked out, Larry went to work, and the rest of us shopped downtown (I actually tried on about seven outfits and bought one - all Elizabeth's fault! ;-) ). Ziggy and I met up with thomwatson and jefftabaco at the Saturn Cafe for lunch, then we walked around a bit; I showed them Om Gallery which has nifty lamps, Ziggy insisted that I buy even more clothes at an "Eco Goods" store, and we had tea at The Attic.

Ziggy then departed with Jeff while Thom and I continued on the UCSC for the UCCSC conference. After walking up several flights of stairs with luggage, we were both glad to crash for awhile in our respective rooms before dinner. My dorm-style room is in a suite shared with two others, with a full kitchen (but no dishes) and living room. The high-speed Internet is the best feature, though I'm glad I read the note that I would need an Ethernet cable since wireless isn't active in the rooms. Tonight we had a nice buffet dinner outdoors; I chatted mostly with other people from UCSF but did catch up with a former co-worker from UC Berkeley, and another UCB person I'd met previously is staying in my suite. There wasn't much to do after dinner so I took advantage of that high-speed Internet to web-surf and to vid-chat with brian1789 who is shivering in a tent in the Arctic. The actual sessions start tomorrow, with breakfast at the unfortunate hour of 7 a.m. so I had better get to bed...