September 18th, 2007

rock singing

Blue Bear R&B concert

The Blue Bear concert last night went pretty well! There were the usual problems: inadequate sound check, different layout on stage than I expected, my personal mic didn't work (first time that's happened), a couple of bad entrances, a forgotten lyric or two, some bum notes. But overall I think we put on a good show. It's always a positive sign when total strangers come up to me afterward saying that I sounded great. So I guess I wasn't that out of tune, but I'll find out for sure when I edit the video. :-) (Slightly dreading that process as we had a three-camera shoot this time; boyziggy's idea... Very sweet of my love to go to all the extra effort. :-) )

Thanks to Ziggy and my sweeties gerardp and the_ogre for taking photos. I took a lot of photos of the other two bands that night as well, and put everything up on Flickr as usual. Thanks also to my other friends for attending: zyxwvut and zahraa (who brought mike20 for a second time; glad you liked it!), brian1789, obadiah, Gregor, and shecanfilmit who stuck around after her own set, along with Curt and his friend. And a million thanks to Steve for being an inspirational bandleader and generally awesome guy.

I don't think I'll do another workshop soon, but I do have a jazz recital coming up October 17 - stay tuned.