October 11th, 2007

Big smile

Happy National Coming Out Day

Just a quick note so that I get it in before the day is over. Part of why I'm rushed is because today I filmed a talk we held at UCSF for our National Coming Out Day celebration, with Kate Kendell of the National Center for Lesbian Rights; I hope we'll have the video posted to the web by mid-next week. By then we should also have a web site up for our UCSF LGBT Visibility Project, for which I volunteered. I took photos, including of thomwatson and our associate vice chancellor, and I also had my own photo taken. There's also a poster, but it has my work contact info on it so I've made it friends-only on Flickr for now. Once the web site is live I'll link to it from here too.

Anyway in case anyone hadn't guessed, I'm bisexual. I came out around 1991-92, largely because of National Coming Out Day celebrations at Northwestern University. I've found that I'm a bit closer to the het end of the Kinsey scale than I'd imagined, but the point is that I'm free to talk about my orientation here without fear of discrimination or violence. Being married - to boyziggy, who is also bi - can make my queerness invisible, which is a large part of why I decided to join this visibility campaign. I also mentioned polyamory in my LGBT profile, but didn't emphasize it, as I fully respect those bisexuals - and monosexuals, for that manner - who choose to remain monogamous.

Congratulations to all those who are out of the closet and feel free to be themselves. That's really something to celebrate.