October 22nd, 2007


UCSF LGBT visibility project and video

I mentioned on National Coming Out Day that I was busy working on a video featuring a dynamic speaker on queer rights, Kate Kendell. That video has now been posted, and the UCSF LGBT visibility project site is now live as well. My own profile is listed, and I took photos of several others for the project including my friend and boss Thom (though he preferred this photo from our shoot) and our associate vice chancellor Barbara. Although it would have been great if the site had been launched on October 11 as planned, I'm happy that it's there now, and glad to see posters from the project displayed throughout our campuses.
rock singing

Aaargh, YouTube eeeevil

So at zyxwvut's request, I'm trying to upload videos from last December's classic rock workshop to YouTube. Also since I'm not that purely altruistic, I'm trying to find a better/cleaner video format to use. So I followed YouTube's instructions and exported an MP4 file, 30fps, but now the damn A/V's out of sync. I know it suggested MP3 audio but I only had the option of AAC with my particular program in that particular format, and YouTube keeps "forgetting" my channel layout edits, and and and... screwit, I'm going to bed.

Here's a sample anyway for your amusement. (Free's "All Right Now")

Edit: OK, back to Flash encoding before uploading; I think the A/V sync problem is gone, but the quality still leaves much to be desired...