January 2nd, 2008


New Year's in Vegas

boyziggy and I are in Las Vegas for a few days. Unfortunately on New Year's Eve I managed to come down with a third cold in a month's time. I felt well enough to travel but am still sick and am therefore not enjoying the trip as much as I could be.

We flew in the afternoon of New Year's Day on Virgin America, a new-ish airline (to the U.S.) which tries hard to be hip and largely succeeds. I'd seen jefftabaco's photos from flying with them and knew they were very Ziggyesque. Personal in-flight entertainment was nice; watching Monk on USA distracted from the mild turbulence. You could also surf the web, play games, or even do a text chat with your seatmates.

Took a long time to go the five miles from rental car pickup to hotel, but I enjoyed the views of the Vegas Strip, which was actually less tacky than I imagined. We finally arrived at the Venetian, a truly immense resort. Just getting to our room tired me out for the night, owing to my illness, so Ziggy did some further exploration on his own, returning with complimentary chocolates and a tropical drink.

I didn't sleep well, but roused myself for breakfast (continental, included) and then went to explore the hotel. The promenade at the "Grand Shoppes" was something else, with blue sky and clouds painted onto the high ceilings, and striped-shirted gondoliers serenading guests as they rowed along the canals. We dined at Wolfgang Puck's, did a little shopping, then entered the casino.

I selected a slot machine, fed it $20 and started gambling a quarter at a time. Fairly early in I hit three wild cherries and decided to cash out. But then I thought hey, I'm only up about $60, surely I'm not going to quit that soon. I fed the cash-out ticket back in and started betting a dollar at a time; of course, I soon lost all of my winnings. But I was still only out $20 for the day, not bad for an hour's entertainment as Ziggy would put it. Plus, the smoke was really getting to me (though smoke was forbidden in many other areas of the resort, which I appreciated).

I'd hoped to go back out tonight but I was really feeling too ill (I resorted to taking Dayquil, but it barely did any good), and wanted to rest to make sure we don't miss the Le Reve show tomorrow night that our friend Amos from the Mime Troupe is in. So I'm watching one of the three TV sets in our suite. I did manage to take some photos; hope to get more of the town if I'm feeling up to it tomorrow.