January 18th, 2008


Macworld Expo, and iPhone thoughts

Had a good time at Macworld Expo today with boyziggy, thomwatson, and jefftabaco. It was Jeff's first Macworld and Thom's first in SF. I've gone nearly every year for the last ten years or so. It's always exhausting, but this year I especially wished I could have gone on more than one day, as there was so much to see and I would have liked to hang around the Podcast booth longer to learn more. I anticipated a highlight would be watching the podcast This Week in Tech with Leo Laporte recorded live, but it actually ended up being rather boring. My photos weren't very good either, though Ziggy did get one of me and Leo, which wasn't much better than the last time I got a photo taken with Leo (he looks fine in both, I just have a goofy smile). Oh well. I did get some fairly decent photos after the Expo at least.

At the Apple Booth I played with the iPod Touch, and with typical showgoing fervor decided I must have one. It wasn't the first time I'd seen it; I'd already contemplated getting one to use primarily for showing off photos. But the WiFi maps and web browsing just seemed too cool. Ziggy made the point that it would be silly to carry my Treo around along with that. I said I thought I still had a lot of time remaining on my Sprint contract, and I was happy with Sprint and my Treo. But tonight I checked and found my latest agreement actually expired in November, so I should be able to switch without penalty if I want too.

I'm very ambivalent about this:
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Since I just got a new camera lens and am about to order a Mac Pro, I think I'll put this decision off for awhile longer. But the fact that I'm even pondering an iPhone after not only resisting but outright stating (truthfully) I wasn't interested in the Latest Apple Toy for all this time, this is a curious development.