January 21st, 2008



Saturday was the first rehearsal for my latest Blue Bear band workshop. boyziggy was nervous but did just fine on keyboards. We warmed up with a couple of blues jams, Rex wowing everyone with his strong voice and me struggling to remember the words to Stormy Monday. Then we launched right into detail work on Yes's "Owner of a Lonely Heart" since I'd already prepared and sent out the chart. I don't know why I keep picking songs where half the notes are right on my break point. But it's an awesome tune. Other songs which will probably be in our set include Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On", Audioslave's "Doesn't Remind Me", and Ivy's "Edge of the Ocean", with many others under consideration, including several Bob Dylan tunes suggested by Mike which I've greatly enjoyed hearing (to my surprise as I've never been a Dylan fan). I'm also planning to work out a Dire Straits medley from the Brothers in Arms album, but may need to pay a visit to Steve's studio for help with the arrangement.

Sunday I got my hair done as I blogged yesterday, then Ziggy picked me up and we went to Shangri-La for a tasty and healthy vegan Chinese meal. Later I installed the Sims 2 Bon Voyage expansion I'd picked up at Macworld Expo, but it ran very slowly and seemed buggy. I'll address the first issue at least when I order a new Mac Pro sometime this week.

Today I had the day off work, so had a date with the_ogre. Since it rained we hung out at his place and watched That Thing You Do, which was a cute flick. I also took a few photos of Aaron and his cat since I'd dragged my camera along. I was pleased with how well the 50/1.4 performed using just the late-afternoon light from the bedroom window. Then I went to inki's Poly Under 40 coffeehouse at Muddy Waters, not staying too long as I'd intended to go home and do laundry. But after walking from Powell Street BART straight up the hill in the rain, I didn't feel like doing anything productive. So I'm off to bed shortly.