February 26th, 2008


Photos and fitness

Thanks to everyone who's voted in my headshot poll thus far. I'm a bit surprised hardly anyone likes the last one, as I think my skin tone is much better in it. I'm still not sure which I'm going to use for my own purposes, but as far as the web site at work the shoot was for, I've been told they want every headshot to have same background, so they're doing a formal shoot later this week. Oh well, I'm glad I asked Susan yesterday anyway (though I feel bad that it took more of her time) as I'd rather not have a boring black backdrop on my home page/profile photo, and would rather not deal with Photoshopping it out either.

One thing I like about the two indoor shoots is that you can't see my double chin as much. That's the bit that ruins most photos of me (from my perspective), and when I lost weight in the past it was the very last thing to go. So I am still trying to lose weight, but the fat is coming off very gradually. This is no surprise, as I'm not on a strict diet and I'm not getting any vigorous exercise. I am still walking home almost every day, however, and getting much better about resisting temptation and making healthier food choices.

A typical day starts with black tea with soymilk and a little sugar, then at work more tea and instant oatmeal with flax, a McDougall lowfat vegan soup cup for lunch, a piece of fruit, and a bag of pretzels. Where I lose the consistency is when I come home; I'm often too tired to cook dinner, and boyziggy does try to make healthy meals, but if I get too hungry to wait I can succumb to nibbling on less-healthy treats. We've talked for years about planning out dinners a week in advance, but have yet to do this. I'm sure it would help, but we're simply not that organized. I need to make a better effort to keep tempting, easy-to-eat food out of the apartment entirely. Not buying bread on a regular basis is a start, because, as I've posted before, if there's a loaf of bread and soy margarine in the kitchen, I will sometimes eat nothing else until it is gone.

In any case, I do feel my eating habits are changing and improving, and ultimately those changes will show up on my waistline. And on that damn chin!