March 6th, 2008


Good food

I'm very happy with my diet nowadays. I'm filling up on smaller portions without feeling deprived, and eating far less junk food. The instant oatmeal and soup cups are really helping. Of course it would be preferable to cook these from scratch, but at least they have no preservatives and not a huge amount of sodium, and make it much easier to avoid temptation at breakfast and lunchtime since they're so easy to just throw in my backpack.

I have gone out to eat a couple of times this week, since I'm taking an all-week training course in the Mission which has many good restaurants. But I've tried to make reasonably healthy choices, like adding a baby greens salad to my baked tofu sandwich, and eating only half of my veggie chow fun (and no appetizer) at a Vietnamese restaurant. I'm also drinking lots of water, avoiding soda, and having raw sugar snap peas for snacks (yum!).

Dinners remain a challenge, but tonight I had a really excellent meal, one of my favorite simple dishes: a baked yam and chopped spinach. I normally microwave both but I decided to bake the yam in the toaster oven this time. I microwaved the frozen spinach as usual with some veggie broth, then sprinkled on nutritional yeast and garlic powder. I put nothing on the yam; the ones with deep orange flesh are delicious plain. I had a couple of date-coconut rolls to hold me while waiting, and after eating dinner was thoroughly stuffed - with good, vitamin- and mineral-rich food. Real food, real good.