April 8th, 2008


New job first impressions

The good:

- Everyone is friendly and helpful.

- I have the structure I've been seeking: Both technical and project managers, and a structured way of dealing with code and site planning.

- The office has many gourmet tea drinkers. We have an electric water kettle, and I can bring my teamaker in too if I want.

- (Good but dangerous) Little baskets of Ghiradelli chocolate squares throughout the office :-)

The bad:

- Windoze desktop, though it's not nearly as awful as I expected. It's fast and my boss even gave me a second monitor which I didn't ask for. (I did ask for a trackball, which is being ordered.)

- The commute, which is about as bad as I expected in the afternoon, though has been pretty smooth in the mornings thus far. Really don't like relying on the N Judah but there's no other logical way to get there.

- We don't have a water cooler?!?

The ugly:

- We can't get personal deliveries shipped to the office. Considering how much I've been relying on mail order for the past umpteen years - not only for better prices, but to get things that simply don't exist locally, like my favorite tea blend - this is Very Bad. boyziggy goes back to work full-time soon, and the Opera doesn't want people getting personal deliveries either. We have neither a porch nor a doorman. I'm really not sure what to do about this.

More observations to come...

Oakland Zoo photo shoot

(Flickr link for the impatient)

On Saturday I went to the Oakland Zoo on a photo shoot I helped organize with a group of friends, many of whom were in the joedecker-led class I helped organize last November: lrc, the_ogre, gerardp, and zahraa. Also joining us for this outing were boyziggy, zyxwvut, and cat_herder, the last of whom was our wonderful tour guide owing to her being a docent at the Zoo. I was happy we could coordinate a date that fit all of our schedules.

I felt ill the morning of the shoot as I'd partied a bit the night before, it being the last day of my old job, but didn't think of bowing out for a moment. I was looking forward to finally using the Sigma 50-150mm F/2.8 lens my mother had bought me for an early birthday present back in January. I screwed on the Hoya circular polarizer I'd ordered with it, then quickly realized I wouldn't be able to adjust that filter while the lens hood was on. I could take off the lens hood to attach it backwards while not in use, but then I couldn't access the manual focus. Grumble.

As I wasn't feeling well I stayed in program mode for the beginning of the day anyway, but gradually moved into shooting full manual as I got more energy and more comfortable. I stayed in auto ISO the whole day though, which may not have been a good idea. It was very strange shooting in full daylight after four nights of shooting concerts in a dark bar. I did pay much more attention to the light meter.

Oakland Zoo

I wasn't thrilled with how most of my photos came out and didn't have the mental or physical energy to devote as much time to post-processing as I would normally, but I did pick about 90 out of the over 600 shots to post to Flickr. My friends have blogged some shots too, so check them out.