May 9th, 2008


Hemlock Tavern concert and photo shoot

On Wednesday Mike F invited me to attend a concert at the Hemlock Tavern with him to cover for West Coast Performer. We previously covered part of the Noisepop Festival for that magazine, though my photos from those concerts didn't end up getting used. Hopefully I'll get one in this time. Here's a preview (click the photo for more):

boyziggy also came for part of the time, as did mike20 who was a very fun companion as always. Casey Neill was my favorite act of the three, but I got more good photos of the last band, October Allied, because there were fewer people by that time of the night and I had more room to maneuver. (Also, I was fascinated by the lead singer's heavily tattoed, muscular arms.) Typical dark club, so ISO 1600 and my 50mm f/1.4. Couldn't get to the sides of the stage at all, but managed a few full-stage shots by sitting on a ledge in the very back of the room.

Now I'm off to shoot the Blue Bear Live benefit at the Great American Music Hall, assuming I can medicate myself sufficiently to alleviate the symptoms of this damn cold...