May 25th, 2008



Saturday day: Played some video games and a bit of piano, including a Brahms Rhapsody (Op. 79 #2) which I performed at a recital over 20 years ago. I've gotten very, very rusty since then. Plus it took quite a bit of fiddling plus a phone consultation with boyziggy to find a normal piano-sounding patch on his rack-mounted synth. But a degree of success was achieved, eventually.

Saturday night: Went to a birthday BBQ with mike20. Enjoyed meeting more of his friends; fun and interesting people, plus all veggie food on the grill! We stayed quite late, huddled around a fire in the backyard for warmth.

Sunday day: Meant to do laundry but ended up crashing on the couch; had gotten up too early after staying up till the wee hours. Did do some work on my MySpace page, uploading and tagging a bunch of (low-res, watermarked) concert photos and friending bands on there that I'd taken photos of. I generally hate MySpace but have realized it could be a valuable marketing tool since so many bands are on there. Sprucing up my main photo site will be next.

Sunday night: Karaoke at the Mint, per usual. I arrived at about six, having an unexpected encounter with thomwatson and jefftabaco on the way, as they were waiting for the light at Octavia Blvd. Mike F had already been at the bar for awhile. I gave him copies of the Funcrunch-the-band DVD that I'd finally completed the day before. boyziggy arrived from work soon after, and we all indulged in some sushi. I sang Stevie Wonder's "Living in the City" which went well as I expected, Al Jarreau's "Mornin'" which I should have realized was too low for me but it's such a beautiful song I wanted to try it anyway, and Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" which I used to sing all the time but haven't much recently. Mike F sounded even better than usual on his own songs tonight. Ziggy met some fun people at the bar, and despite the large noisy crowd, we all had a very relaxed and happy time.

Monday I'm off work for Memorial Day; I have a date in the afternoon and will spend the evening with Ziggy, enjoying his company before he goes back to work for another six days and nights straight...