June 22nd, 2008

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Lost weekend

Well, this weekend frankly sucked. I came down with a bad cold and missed a lot of what I wanted to do, along with all the sunny hot weather. Friday night I was supposed to have a date with elgecko to see Opera at the Ballpark, which we enjoyed last year. boyziggy had gotten us Friends and Family box seat tickets and everything. At least elgecko was able to find someone else at the last minute to go with him so they weren't wasted.

Friday I was so weak I couldn't even sit up for more than an hour at a time. Saturday I was much improved, but still not up for going out, so spent the day playing Nethack and working on music a little bit. Ziggy had a rare Saturday night off but was tired and busy so we didn't do much together.

Today I finally felt well enough to go out. I went to Mike F's to practice some music, but I was still congested and he was very tired. So we cut rehearsal short and skipped karaoke. Was hoping to spend time with another friend who is in town but he wasn't available tonight (hopefully will be tomorrow). And mike20 was too tired to hang out after a trip to Angel Island. Feh!

Hopefully next weekend will go better...
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RIP Cody's Books and George Carlin

Because the two seem related somehow...

I lived next to Cody's on Telegraph and Haste in Berkeley as a grad/law student in '92-93. Dangerous location for someone on a fixed income who loves to read. I was happy when they (much later) opened a branch in SF, but it soon closed. I never even got to visit the downtown Berkeley branch before it shut down this week.

George Carlin figured prominently in my undergrad paper on FCC Regulation of Broadcast Indecency. Censorship was the focus of my undergraduate and graduate research. Just wasn't quite sure how to make a livelihood out of that...
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