July 4th, 2008

Big smile

My mother requests your feedback!

I had a phone conversation with my Mom tonight. She was reading my blog post about Pride and followed the link to the my photos of the BABN contingent. She said she was very proud of me and thought it was great that we were marching, but had a serious question. She wanted to know why so many in these parades felt it necessary to wear such flamboyant and provocative outfits. She said that it would lend our movement much more legitimacy if we just dressed in, say, jeans and T-shirts to prove that despite our lifestyles, we were just the same as anyone else.

I tried to come up with some answers (including suggesting that she look more closely at my photos, to see how many people in my contingent were, in fact, wearing jeans and T-shirts), but Mom insisted I post this to my blog and get my friends' feedback. So, what say you all on this topic?