July 6th, 2008



Thursday night (since it was a long weekend, that was the start): The server I was doing development work on overheated and needed to be shut down mid-afternoon, so I left work a bit early. The N-Judah was stopped by a police road blockage so I ended up walking halfway home, stopping in the Haight at Coffee to the People, later taking the bus home from California and Divisadero. Then Gregor came over and we had a nice walk and Thai dinner.

Friday: Went to see the Mime Troupe opening show at Dolores Park with Gregor and pure_agnostic. Good show - not the best by far, but consistently funny. Good crowd. Got mildly sunburned. Stayed home alone that evening (boyziggy is at a laser tag tournament in New York), practiced bass and relaxed.

Saturday day: Bass lesson with Steve; went pretty well. Learning this instrument is a lot harder than I expected, but practicing daily and having a great teacher really pays off.

Saturday night: Stevie Wonder concert in Mountain View with Mike F, Kelly, Wallace, and Ellen. Wonderful show, just as great as when Mike and I saw him last year in Concord. I have no particular comments; Mike will probably post a comprehensive writeup in his blog soon. I bought three more Stevie albums from the Amazon MP3 store the next day.

Sunday day: Practiced bass for a couple of hours, then went to a farewell party at the Mint for Mike A, who played drums in the Funcrunch-the-band workshop. I sang four Stevie Wonder songs: "Ribbon in the Sky" (for the first time), "Living for the City", "You Are the Sunshine of My Life", and "Overjoyed". I thought I sounded OK on most of them, but was almost completely ignored, which put me in a bad mood for awhile unfortunately.

Sunday night: Very nice (and rare) date with ewhac, who after some time managed to cheer me up quite effectively. ;-)