July 12th, 2008

wedding couple

Mendocino Day 1

boyziggy and I are enjoying a weekend at the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, where we last stayed on our first anniversary. Ziggy picked me up from work at 1 p.m. and we got yummy vegan sandwiches from Ike's Place, made a quick stop at the opera house, then got on the road. Traffic on the 101 was terrible, but we rescheduled our dinner reservations, and managed to arrive at the Inn by about 6:30, with plenty of time to spare.

Dinner at Ravens, the Inn's restaurant, is 100% vegan, organic, and incredibly delicious. I told Ziggy I want to kidnap anyone who says vegan cuisine is unsatisfying and bring them here. I had a caesar salad and spinach ravioli, Ziggy had a potato soup and chili relleno. For dessert I had their signature chocolate ganache, Ziggy had a strawberry rhubarb custard. Totally heavenly.

After dinner we relaxed for awhile, then I practiced the bass while Ziggy went for a swim and a soak. Yes, I actually brought my bass here, with my virtual amp, headphones, metronome, and sheet music, not wanting to miss even two days of practicing. There's photographic proof in my Flickr set.

Tomorrow we have a scrumptious breakfast and massages on the agenda, and no specific plans beyond that. I'm sure we'll do lots of walking and I'll take lots of photos. We're not planning on doing geocaching on this trip, however; I've grown less fond of that hobby, preferring to concentrate on taking photos instead. The weather is cool but pleasant, and the air isn't badly affected by the fires here, thankfully.