August 27th, 2008


Ten Years Ago meme

(swiped from kineticphoenix)

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21) Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 2008?

Definitely not. I thought I'd still be with my first husband, who I'd only been married to a year at the time. We'd talked about moving to Arcata and buying a house for cash after saving up for a few years. I'd just started working at UCSF and didn't expect to still be here ten years later (though I've changed departments twice since then); I had planned to try to get a higher-paying job back at UC Berkeley eventually if we stayed in the East Bay. I definitely didn't expect to be living in San Francisco; Robert never would have gone for that.

I was in much better physical condition then, running 5K and 10K races regularly. But I can't say I was happier. I am doing a lot more with music now, and photography, and have been a lot more sexually adventurous (though that's had its downsides too). I like where I'm living, despite the fact that we're still renting, and more importantly, I have a partner who's much better-suited to me. My ex also remarried, to someone much better-suited to him, so things worked out well that way.