October 3rd, 2008


Virtual real estate

Though I can't afford to buy a house where I actually live, at least I can play the real estate game in Second Life.

I got an account two years ago and used it heavily for awhile, but now I hardly ever log in. I decided it was still worth the $72/year for the premium account to keep my presence there, but not the extra $15/month tier for the land I purchased, which housed a home-built cottage and hot tub, lookout tower, and music stage - hmm, I should have taken some screenshots before I took it all down. Oh well, the items are still in my inventory at least.

So today I finally subdivided my parcel, keeping only 512 square meters, which is included with my premium fee. My land is an irregular shape, but I carefully selected to keep a parcel bordered on one side by the land of a friend from another online game; he rarely logs in (though might more now that The Sims Online is finally kaput) and doesn't plan to use it, so I'll still be "protected" on one side from ad farms and other ugly developments.

After a brief inspection of current land prices, I set the remaining 2048m to 24,999L (Linden dollars). I'll be surprised if anyone actually pays this; though the land is protected by a road on one side, it is an irregular, triangular shape. I have about two weeks to sell it before my next tier payment is due, so I figure I'll reduce the asking price by 5000L every few days until it sells. The Linden dollar is currently trading at 263/$1 US, so I don't expect to make a fortune off of this sale regardless.