November 2nd, 2008


McDougall Program Day 2

Really tired right now (helloooo standard time!) so just a brief rundown.

Morning weight: Julie 143 1/2 lbs, boyziggy 190 lbs.

Julie breakfast: Cornbread (made with canned pumpkin in place of oil), vanilla rooibos tea with sugar and almond milk.

Julie snacks: Same as above, plus a banana, apple cider, and herbal tea.

Julie lunch: Rice and beans, spinach.

Julie dinner: Bean and corn soup, cornbread.

Ziggy food: Cornbread, strawberries and raspberries, Odwalla strawberry smoothie, decaf tea, orange juice, rice and beans, 2 slices of toast with unsweetened pumpkin, 2 16oz carrot juices, apple cider

Julie exercise: Approx 25 min walking to/from grocery store

Ziggy exercise: Approx 30 min walk home from work

Feelings: I was very energetic this morning, getting up at 7 (standard time) and getting three loads of laundry done before noon. But I crashed shortly thereafter, and am about to do so again... zzzzzz