November 3rd, 2008


Week in review

My last week at work was a tough one. I managed to mostly finish the difficult project I was assigned, but was very resentful about it. I shan't talk about that more here; boyziggy rightfully says that I need to move on.

On Thursday my Library colleagues took me out for lunch at Crepevine (rescheduled from Friday, my actual last day, due to meeting conflicts). I do love that restaurant; great salads, and they'll happily substitute tofu for chicken. Thursday after work I went to Solstice for drinks and munchies with Ziggy, some former colleagues and friends from other departments, and a couple of Library co-workers I'd invited. I was disappointed that no one from my first job in the IT department could make it, but we still had a good turnout and good times.

Friday morning sweet Ziggy made me my favorite special-occasion breakfast, champurrado. I had a pretty laid-back final day, only finishing up some documentation on my project and then packing up my desk and saying my goodbyes. I had a nice lunch with my friend davidhanddotnet from Dentistry, who I've known for several years; I hope that we will keep in touch. (He's also the one who took those great photos of me this summer.) After work Ziggy picked me up on his dinner break and we got excellent vegan sandwiches at Ike's Place. He went back to work and I stayed home, not feeling in the mood to do any Halloween partying.

Saturday morning I practiced the bass a bit (having not done so since Tuesday) and then walked through pouring rain to my lesson, which went pretty well. Did some cooking but not much else with my day, other than watching Are You Being Served.

Sunday I got up rather early (even considering the time change), did several loads of laundry, napped a bit, watched more Are You Being Served, reviewed the Green Party voter guide, and did some grocery shopping. In the evening Ziggy, mike20 and I went to laughingstone's concert at Bazaar Café. Ziggy and I both ate early dinners before we went so we wouldn't be tempted to go off our diets; at the café we both had hot apple cider, which was borderline as fruit juice has a lot of calories, but better than most of the other options available (other than herbal tea). The concert was fun; I especially enjoyed the duet with euneeblic. The other performer, Brad Meador, was quite good as well, with a strong voice, and he let Mike try out his nice 12-string guitar.

After the concert inflectionpoint drove us home, visited for a bit, then she and Ziggy went off to spend some time together. I was very tired and turned in before 11, hence I'm up early again this morning. Today if it isn't raining too hard I plan to take a long walk to Kaiser to pick up a prescription. I'll also do some more cooking, and finalize my voting decisions for tomorrow.

McDougall Program Day 3

Morning weight: Julie 143 lbs. boyziggy stayed over at a friend's and forgot to weigh in.

Julie breakfast: Brown rice with pumpkin-banana puree and a touch of maple syrup, vanilla rooibos tea with almond milk and sugar

Julie lunch: Rice and beans, lettuce and onions with oil-free vinaigrette

Julie snack: Banana, hot cocoa with almond milk and sugar

Julie dinner: Bean and corn soup, baked potato with cornmeal spread, couscous pudding with soymilk and honey

Ziggy food: Oatmeal with banana, apples, and almond milk, dates, beets and quinoa, pomegranate seeds, flaxseed crackers, tempeh bacon and broccoli over brown rice, carrot-apple-beet-ginger juice, couscous pudding

Julie exercise: Approx 40 min walk (~2.25 miles)

Feelings: Pretty good - a mid-morning dip in energy after arising at 6 a.m., but felt fine after a nap. Happy that inflectionpoint was eager to support Ziggy's diet while he visited with her, and my friend Kelly likewise volunteered to shop for and cook lowfat vegan food with me when I visit her for dinner later this week.

Google AdSense alert: Are you hosting Yes on Prop 8 ads?

I was alerted via Humuhumu on Twitter that people using Google AdSense discovered "Yes on Prop 8" ads appearing on their sites. Google posted a blog entry about this here, explaining how to block partisan ads. Note that the ads also may appear on Google's Blogger sites, and it's not clear if they could be filtered out there. The whole thing smells fishy to me, especially on the eve of the election...

Update: Some additional insight from TechCrunch and Gary Barnes on how and why these ads began appearing en-masse.