November 16th, 2008



Saturday morning boyziggy and I went to the Prop 8 protest at SF City Hall. I was hoping to meet up with some friends I knew were also attending, but it didn't work out, which was disappointing. Ziggy had to work at 11 so could only stay for a few minutes. But I was glad to be a part of the occasion. I posted a few pictures.

After an hour at the protest I went to my bass lesson. Steve gave me a couple of new pieces to learn, and liked the simple song I wrote Friday night. He encouraged me to sign up for a band workshop in January even though I expressed doubt that I'd be ready for it; he assured me that I'm doing quite well on the instrument and have nothing to worry about.

I went home briefly to have lunch and post the protest photos to Flickr, then went to the Mint to meet up with Mike F for karaoke. The bar was the most crowded I'd ever seen on an afternoon, as a raffle was going on for the Gay Men's Chorus. Mike was running late so I chatted with a friend of his until he arrived, and ended up having a bit too much to drink ("too much" in my case being more than two drinks). By the time Ziggy arrived to come take me to dinner I was pretty tipsy, but I still got through "Let's Get Together" by the Youngbloods without any major disasters. Ziggy and I had yummy sandwiches at Ike's Place, went home, and were both out cold before 10 p.m.

Today I did some laundry and had a fun afternoon date. Now I'm watching Are You Being Served, and will later get some bass practice in...