November 17th, 2008


Getting fit

As I mentioned at the conclusion of the 12-day McDougall Program, I've realized I need to do more vigorous exercise if I'm going to lose any more weight. I located my copy of Bob Greene's (aka Oprah's personal trainer) book Get With The Program which I attempted to follow back in 2004. According to my notes I didn't last long :-P But now I have the advantage of time, so there's one less excuse for me not to get fit. Besides, this is a phased-in approach to fitness, which seems safe and sane.

So I started this morning with his set of "functional exercises" - stretches and crunches, basically. Nothing that should have been too challenging, but - ouch! My muscles are so stiff. I obviously need this.

Exercise plan for this week:

Monday/Wednesday/Saturday: Functional exercises
Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday: Jog; up Hyde St. to Aquatic Park Tue/Thurs, along Embarcadero Sunday
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Walk (usual ~3.5 mile roundtrip to Fort Mason for bass lesson; will try to walk more briskly)

Wish me luck, I'll need it...