November 22nd, 2008


Still movin'

Today I did my functional exercises (stretches and crunches) as soon as I got up, which was somewhat later than I planned but still allowed plenty of time for breakfast and relaxation before walking to my bass lesson. I made a conscious effort to walk at a faster pace, and made a goal of covering the distance (approx. 1.8 miles) in 30 minutes instead of the 35 or so I usually take. And I did it! Going back took a couple of minutes longer though, as more of the return walk was uphill.

I can't walk as quickly as I'd like while carrying the bass and my music, so I'm not sure if I should count this hour in my weekly aerobic minutes. I know I wasn't exercising at the 70-80% level of exertion I aim for when I'm running. But I was definitely walking faster and more purposefully than in the past. We'll see if I'm able to keep up the pace once it starts raining again...

Singin' in the Rain

Last night I went to the Oakland Paramount with thomwatson and jefftabaco to see Singin' in the Rain. This film was part of their Movie Classics series, which includes live organ music, a cartoon short, newsreel, and "Dec-o-Win" prize drawing, all for only $5. I had never seen this classic film before, and enjoyed it immensely.

I couldn't help remembering Gene Kelly's appearance on the Muppet Show, where the muppets kept trying to get him to do the famous title scene from the film. I located the bit on YouTube (URL:

Edit: According to the Wikipedia article, Gene Kelly was born in my hometown of Pittsburgh PA, and worked at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, where I took acting classes and had my first paid job, playing piano, during high school. Cool!