November 23rd, 2008


Running the Embarcadero

Didn't get out the door till 10 this morning, by which time it was quite sunny. But I had plenty of water, a cap, and the knowledge that I wouldn't have to worry about dodging pedestrians as I'd be running along the nice and wide Embarcadero.

I walked down Jackson Street, through Chinatown, arrived at the Ferry Building at 10:30, and began my run. Lots of walkers, runners, skaters, cyclers. My right hamstring was bothering me a bit, but I tried to keep a steady pace. Under the Bay Bridge, to the ballpark, turning around at 3rd Street. Back to the Ferry Building in 33 minutes, for a bit over 12 min/mile pace.

The cable car didn't look like it was coming anytime soon, so I grabbed a Gatorade at Walgreens. While drinking it I noticed high fructose corn syrup among the ingredients - ugh! So much for that particular post-run treat.

Exercise plan for this coming week:

Monday: Functional exercises (stretches/crunches)
Tuesday: Run, Jackson/Hyde to end of pier to cable car turnaround
Wednesday: Functional exercises
Thursday: Run, same as Tuesday, plus functional exercises
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Functional exercises, walk to Fort Mason and back
Sunday: Run, Ferry Building to AT&T Park and back (same as today)