November 30th, 2008


Comic relief: Wil Wheaton's ST:TNG reviews

I've been feeling tired and ill all day, and have been consoling myself by drinking lots of tea and reading Wil Wheaton's hilarious writeups of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, which I discovered indirectly through a post by chipuni. Wil's posts aren't at all new, but since I just discovered them myself I figured maybe some friends might enjoy them also if they haven't already. I haven't laughed out loud this much in a long, long time.
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The "Ashley Treatment" and medical ethics

On a much more serious note than my previous post: After watching last week's episode of Law and Order and discussing it and a related episode on Usenet, I've been reading about the "Ashley Treatment", a series of medical procedures on a severely disabled child to keep her small and easier to care for. The treatment was extremely controversial and actually later deemed illegal (by Washington State standards) as it was not approved by a court order. The (anonymous) parents however said they only had the best interests of their daughter in mind, and defended their decision in a detailed blog entry.

Cases of medical ethics like this are often of interest to me. What do you think?