December 16th, 2008


Not exactly the way I wanted to lose weight

My recent bout with flu/stomach flu/unknown disease resulted in a near-complete loss of appetite and a drop of four pounds. I'm down to 136. I fully expect to gain some of it back as my appetite returns; I haven't been drinking enough fluids either so I'm likely dehydrated. I haven't exercised at all since last Tuesday and I don't want to lose any (more) lean muscle weight. Fortunately I was able to leave the house last night finally and even dance a little bit, so hopefully I'll be back out jogging again soon. I still have little desire to eat though.

Ironically, tonight is the finale of the Biggest Loser, my guilty pleasure. We get to see who lost the most weight this season and wins the $250K Jello Grand Prize. Big whoop. After watching the preview for next season, I'm pretty sure I'm finally going to stop watching this pathetic nonsense. They've got a 19-year-old who weighs about 450 lbs and a 63-year-old couple as contestants. I'm sure watching the personal trainers scream at them to go faster on the treadmills will be inspiring for millions of overweight Americans to go out and join 24 Hour Fitness and have heart attacks. Just in time for New Year's resolution season! Sigh...