January 15th, 2009


Today's run, and milestones

Walked down to the Embarcadero and ran from the Ferry Building to North Point and back. Sunny but cool day. 2.28 miles in 27 minutes, for a pace of 11.8 min/mile. Finally broke the 12 min/mile barrier. Still slow by any athletic standard, but that was the minimum pace at which I considered myself actually "running" back when I was training for races. (Though technically the only difference between running and walking is that in walking one foot is always in contact with the ground.)

This was the fourth day I ran this week, including three running days in a row. I haven't worked out this much in years. I hope I can keep it up.

I also weighed 137 this morning, which is probably my lowest weight in eight years. I fully expect some fluctuation on the way to my goal, but the downward trend is positive.

Nine years ago tomorrow I ran the San Diego Half Marathon. I completed it in two and a half hours of alternating running and walking. I don't plan to train for that distance again, as I became prone to injury once my runs lasted longer than an hour, and I don't see any serious fitness benefit to forcing myself to go that arbitrary distance. It would be great to start running some 5K and 10K races again though. Just want to pick up the pace first so I don't embarrass myself with my slow times.