January 18th, 2009


Today's run, and future plans

I ran for a full hour today. Ferry Building to North Point and back, then to the ballpark and back. Five miles in 61 minutes. Go me. Lots of other joggers out on this sunny day. Go them.

I'm thinking that as long as I'm not working, I don't have to do the Embarcadero run only on Sundays. It takes 30 minutes just to walk to the start of the run, so I had always saved this one for when I have more time in the morning. Next week I think I'll do this run on Wednesday, and on Sunday do a six-mile run I just mapped out that will take me to the Palace of Fine Arts and back. It will include the dreaded Hyde Street Hill, but I won't stress if I still have to walk it. Not sure yet what I'll do Tuesday and Thursday; either just the standard Aquatic Park run or maybe take a few spins around Washington Square Park.

I'm debating whether I should sign up for the San Francisco Marathon 5K in July. At least with that big a race I know I (probably) wouldn't come in last. But I feel bad that I didn't run it last year when I signed up, thinking that I'd start running in Golden Gate Park after work, which I never did.

Weight is 138. Consumed too much fat and alcohol the last couple of days. Starting to reduce caffeine, to support boyziggy who's doing the same in preparation for our Costa Rica trip. I was down to one cup of full-strength black tea a day anyway, so I don't expect to have any significant withdrawal symptoms.