January 20th, 2009


Musings on running

I can't sleep, and am reviewing my posts from 2005, the last year I made a serious effort to run. I ran two 5Ks and a 7K that year, but with very slow times, and quit before the half-marathon that I had been training for.

Why am I doing so much better this time around? Two obvious reasons:

- I'm not working. Getting plenty of sleep and not having any excuses to miss runs means I'm training more consistently and in a more relaxed fashion, and getting in the good post-run breakfasts and stretching I'd neglected in the past.

- I weigh 20 pounds less. Carrying around that much extra weight had to impact my abilities.

I still have a ways to go to equal or surpass my race times from 1998-2000, but I'm optimistic. I just hope I don't slack off this time around, either once I go back to regular employment or for any other reason. My health is too important.
windy tank top smile

Glad to have witnessed history

Got up early to watch the inauguration coverage with boyziggy, and very glad that I did. Though I am not a Democrat and did not vote for Obama, I am proud and overwhelmed that a mixed-race person like myself has finally attained the highest office in the land. I am also very glad to see W go, and hope that the next four - or eight - years bring some chance of peace and renewed hope.