January 30th, 2009


Today's run, and plans for the next week

Today I walked back down to the Embarcadero, where I was heading last Wednesday when I tripped and hurt my knee. The "Second Skin" gel pad I put on yesterday seems to really be helping. I still had a dull pain, but was able to complete a five-mile run, with one-minute walk breaks every nine minutes, in 66 minutes, for a speed of 13.2 minutes per mile. Not too bad, considering the pain and the walk breaks; the rest intervals actually helped me pick up speed at the end, which will be helpful come racing time. The new watch was really helpful for timing the intervals, beeping for five seconds before the end of each one, while the stopwatch mode timed the total run.

Sunday is normally when I'd do my long run, but I have a mid-morning brunch and mid-afternoon party to attend, so I'm putting that off till Monday. I'm hoping to do the six-mile run to the Palace of Fine Arts and back that I'd originally planned for last week. Tuesday is my birthday but I'm still going to try to do a roundtrip to Aquatic Park (three miles). After that we'll be in Costa Rica for a week, with various physical activities already planned, but I'll bring along my running shoes for sure.

Improve your vocabulary for a good cause

This is pretty cool: http://www.freerice.com/

I was up to level 45 at one point but down to level 42 before I quit. Donated 1600 grains of rice for my effort. Made me nostalgic for studying for the SAT and GRE... (yes, I'm weird, but I also got 760 out of 800 on the verbal portion of the GRE... back in '91)

I challenge you to beat my score :-) (Not sure exactly how long I spent on it, but probably less than 15 minutes, and I didn't cheat by looking up any words...)

Edit: They have Spanish vocabulary and a bunch of other subjects too. I got up to level 10 on Spanish quickly and donated another 1700 grains before the words started repeating too often, as there are a lot fewer words and levels than in the English vocab.