February 16th, 2009


Run in the rain

Today I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't get back to sleep; my schedule is still off from the Costa Rica trip, and the bug bites from same were itching like crazy. So rather than stay in bed and eventually fall back asleep like I did yesterday, I got up and headed outside an hour later for a run to Crissy Field. Maybe I'll see the sunrise, I thought.

It was 48 degrees and pouring rain out. The rain never stopped and I never saw the sun. I wore my windbreaker, long tights, and a cap to keep the rain off of my glasses. I didn't think I needed gloves, figuring I would warm up quickly. But I never did. My hands were freezing and I was soon soaked through to the skin. I could not avoid running through deep mud puddles, in my open-mesh shoes which allowed every droplet of water through to my socks and feet. But I kept going.

I saw few people at first, and enjoyed the lack of traffic, but eventually more hardy souls emerged. The joggers mostly listened to their iPods and ignored me, but I got some looks from the pedestrians bundled up in their rain gear. Even some of the dogs I saw had little raincoats on. On the way back one woman openly said she admired what I was doing, which felt good, especially as that was just before I was to tackle the Hyde Street hill. I still could not run up that damn thing, but I made it to the top without slowing to a complete crawl.

Roundtrip of 7.87 miles in one hour and 55 minutes, for a slow 14.6 minutes/mile. Whatever - completing that distance in this weather was an accomplishment. I did my 9/1 run/walk intervals, except on that hill, and my legs didn't really tire at all. I was just cold and wet, and I felt like my hands were getting frostbitten.

Coming home, I could barely turn the key in the lock. boyziggy had to help me get undressed, and ran a shower for me and got me hot towels and heating pads. "Why the hell did I do this?" I said. "I'm proud of you," he said. I'm proud of me too. And I love my husband. And I'm going to keep on doing this, damnit.
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