February 23rd, 2009


John Robbins on the economy and Madoff scandal

John Robbins, vegan author, has been a person of great influence to me. boyziggy and I gave away copies of his book The Food Revolution at our all-vegan wedding reception. I bought a case of this book to give away partly because I was so moved by a particular story in it, about a pig farmer. Later, Robbins posted that story on his web site, so now everyone can read it.

Recently I was heartbroken to learn that Robbins and his family lost 98% of their net worth in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scam. Robbins did not invest with Madoff directly, and was not wealthy; he walked away from the Baskin-Robbins fortune at a young age, and lived frugally. Today, he has an interview in SF Gate where he talks about his reaction to the loss. Food for thought.


Saturday morning I was not in a great mood, as Steve could tell during my bass lesson. He made some insightful comments about my attitude and situation, which I need to sit with and then act upon. We also talked about the set list for my upcoming recital; it looks like my former jazz teacher Jim Peterson will be available to join us on the sax, which should be great.

After my lesson I met up with euneeblic. We had lunch at Ananda Fuara, played some tunes on guitar and bass, and hung out for awhile. Had some good discussion about religion and spirituality as well. I'm definitely going to be making some changes to my self-identification and labeling in that regard.

Sunday morning boyziggy made scrumptious banana pecan muffins (vegan and oil-free) and we hung out with inflectionpoint, watching YouTube videos, giggling and relaxing. Later Ziggy made a pizza entirely from scratch, sauce, crust, and all - also vegan and oil-free - he's on quite a cooking kick nowadays. I think the McDougall trip really inspired him.

After dinner I went to Amnesia to see Tango No. 9 and Orchestra Nostalgico, the latter of which Steve was a part of. I felt overheated and uncomfortable for the first hour or so, carrying my heavy coat around the crowded bar and not knowing anyone there. By the time Steve's band started I'd had a couple of drinks and had found a place to stash my coat. I loosened up and eventually began dancing with an older fellow who was quite energetic despite one arm being in a cast. The music, mostly based on film scores, was quite fun to listen to.

Between having a glass of wine at dinner and two soju cocktails at the bar, I was pretty tipsy by the time I left, around 12:15 a.m. I phoned Ziggy, who tried to help me navigate home by checking live bus arrival times, as I'd missed the last BART train. I just missed the 49, got on the 14 instead, and got off around 7th and Mission. I started walking along Mission, passed the Metreon, and kept going, wondering why Market Street wasn't getting any closer. By the time I got to 1st I realized my error. I was too stubborn to take a cab, and walked about two miles home from there, at 1 a.m. in the rain. I felt oddly good though - invincible, even if perhaps foolishly so.


Would some CSS guru like to tell me why my Funcrunch Photo site displays captions below the photos in MSIE 6/7 while they are correctly to the right of the photos in virtually every other browser (I checked with Browsershots even)??

This is exactly the kind of thing that made me quit the IT profession. Unfortunately I can't completely quit being a web developer as I still have my own pro site to worry about.