February 24th, 2009


Today's run

Got outside at 8 a.m. and ran to the foot of the Aquatic Park pier and back. Pier now has a sign requesting community input for closing it altogether from dusk to dawn, since it's in such bad shape. I didn't memorize the web site address.

Sunny, cool morning; wore a T-shirt and long pants, and my new "all-weather" Newton shoes. They definitely don't fit as well as the previous pair, feeling looser and allowing more side-to-side motion. Though this is the first time I've run in them, my previous pair fit perfectly from the start. Anyway, I think they will be fine; I'll just get some thicker socks. My feet will likely swell on longer runs anyway.

Didn't get stuck at many lights, but took six minutes to walk up the steepest part of the hill. Finished the 2.5 mile run in 37'44" for a slow slow 14.9 minute/mile pace.

Decluttering: Tricycle Buddhist magazine archives for sale

On the off-chance that someone on my friends list might be interested, I have copies of Tricycle Magazine, a Buddhist publication, from Vol I No. 1 Fall 1991 to Vol VII No. 1 Fall 1998. The only issue in between I'm missing is Vol II No. 3, Spring 1993. I also have two copies of Vol III No. 2, Winter 1993 for some reason. That's 28 issues in all, not counting the duplicate.

Make me an offer, otherwise they're going on eBay. (I'd give them away but I'm unemployed and need the cash.)