February 25th, 2009


Run in the rain, redux

Today I knew I had to get to a lunch event at UCSF before noon, so I carefully worked out that if I got out the door by 8 I'd still be able to do my five-mile Embarcadero run. I could have done the shorter, nearer Aquatic Park run again, but I'd already skipped my planned long Sunday run in favor of lounging in bed with good company, so I needed to do this. I left a fun concert at midnight even though I wanted to stay longer (more on that later) to make sure I'd get enough sleep.

When I left home it was raining lightly. I'd worn my windbreaker, T-shirt and shorts. I got through Chinatown quicker than usual, and launched at the Ferry Building toward North Point. The rain started coming down harder. I thought to myself, "It's only water." And, "You're stronger than you think." Both quotes courtesy of The Biggest Loser, Australia, which I've been watching daily, I must admit; I do prefer it to the U.S. version. But anyway.

I was sopping wet, but rather than worry that I was going to get frostbite or hypothermia like I felt I was getting on my last run in the rain, I felt happy and exhilarated. The rain let up sometime after the halfway point, and I saw the sun break through the clouds. All was well in the world. I even made it to the end in precisely one hour, which was about the same length of time as my last Embarcadero run, except that I didn't feel like crap for the last twenty minutes. I am getting stronger, I can feel it.

I missed both the cable car and the bus, and decided to walk home, since I realized the walk there had only taken about 25 minutes. The walk home was almost as quick, only slowing on the steep hill in the final block. I phoned boyziggy when I was near home and asked him to make me some tea. I arrived home very hungry and wet, but not frozen and exhausted like before. Tea and oatmeal never tasted so good. I showered - slightly painful as I had some chafing - and made it to the lunch on time.

I can do this...