February 26th, 2009


Last couple of days

Tuesday was a very positive and productive day. I got my run, stretches, and crunches in, and still managed to do laundry, cleaning, cooking, attend rehearsal, and go to a concert. In rehearsal we learned the last of the eight songs for our set, which happened to be one that I suggested and also has the most challenging bass part. boyziggy has some fun stuff to do on keyboard as well, so I'm glad Steve and the others voted to do it. (I'll leave the identity of the song a mystery until the actual show, March 31.)

After rehearsal Ziggy and I went to meet up with zyxwvut, zahraa, and mike20 at Mojito in North Beach to see the Brass Monkey Brass Band. I hadn't realized it was Mardi Gras, and felt underdressed, but everyone was given beads, and we had a fun time dancing to the great music. I especially enjoyed the Led Zeppelin medley, which was the first time I'd heard an arrangement of "The Ocean" that I actually liked; I usually skip over that track at the end of Houses of the Holy. I limited myself to only one drink: a tasty strawberry mojito, figuring correctly that the club would make a good version of its namesake. I also recognized one of the guest trombone players from a photo shoot I did at the North Beach Festival, and gave him my business card.

Wednesday I had my emotional run in the rain, during which I thought about my religious beliefs. I came up with the following:

"Human words and ritual cannot capture the power of Being."

I thought of replacing my religious views on Facebook with the sentence above, but just put "Other", for now.

After my run I headed to the UCSF campus for a pizza party celebrating the launch of the new UCSF Library web site, which I worked on from April through October of last year. It was good to catch up with former colleagues, many of whom complemented me on my weight loss. They even provided vegan pizza and chocolate cake for me and Matt, the Drupal consultant I worked with closely, which was very thoughtful.

In the evening Ziggy and I went to Bourbon & Branch for a farewell party for my friend and former co-worker Kelly. It was neat going to a speakeasy, where you had to ring the doorbell and give a password to get in. We were ushered to a room in the back that was accessed through a fake wall of books. The drinks looked very tasty but at $11 each I only had one, a gin-maraschino-lemon cocktail. I got a few good pics though. We didn't stay too late as Ziggy had to pack for a trip; I did my stretches and crunches to Biggest Loser: Australia and went to bed.

Today I awoke feeling very sluggish and still in a bit of pain from some chafing suffered during yesterday's run, so after editing last night's photos and seeing Ziggy off I've mostly been web-surfing, napping, and eating comfort foods all day. I was annoyed that the American version of the Biggest Loser showed the latest eliminated contestant finishing a marathon in under four hours when he in fact 1) only ran 23 miles, and was driven in a van the last three, and 2) the clock at the finish line showed 5:53. There are tons of comments on this already. The show already has terrible nutritional advice, unrealistic workouts, and stupid product placement spots, but I've still managed to find it inspiring at times. This publicity stunt really disappointed me. At least the Australian version is somewhat more entertaining and less sleazy.

I found out today from my former director that some photos I took at a team-building event ended up being prominently featured in the latest bulletin from the Fitness and Recreation department - yay! Can't wait to get a copy. Maybe this might lead to an actual paid photo gig with them eventually...