February 27th, 2009


Weight and size are stupid

Today I stood on the scale, afraid of what it would say as I spent all day yesterday lounging around, eating too much fat and sugar. The scale read 134 1/2, my lowest weight in nine years. I was momentarily excited, then reminded myself that daily weighing is stupid. The scale could easily read two pounds higher tomorrow, depending on my amount of dehydration. And there's that whole "muscle weighs more than fat" thing, and with the running I'm doing I think I'm definitely building some muscle.

Fuck it, daily weighing is stupid. Weekly weighing isn't much better. How can I force myself to stop stepping on that damn scale?

A related rant: women's clothing sizes. Last night I pulled all of the size 14 and 16 (and one size 18) pants and shorts out of my closet. Remaining are sizes 8, 10, and 12. I have a size 8 pair of jean shorts from Old Navy which fits snugly, a size 10 pair of Lee jeans which fits very loosely, and a size 12 pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans which fits perfectly in the waist but is very snug around the thighs. WTF. Why can't we have measurements that actually mean something, like men's clothes? I'd rather just go naked...
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Ramblings on religion

Short version: After 17 years of calling myself as a Buddhist, I am no longer using that label. I haven't replaced it with anything though. I still have Buddhist, pagan, and possibly Taoist inklings, and am an atheist by Judeo-Christian standards. But I do not follow or belong to any organized practice.

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So for now, I have no religion. But I will have a purpose. I just have to find it.