March 4th, 2009


Today's Embarcadero run

Today's run began and ended in the rain, but had sunshine in the middle. Touched off from the Ferry Building at 10 a.m., already chilly and wet from the walk. Rain stopped by time time I got to the ballpark, started again sometime on the return from North Point. Returned to the start in 59'15". Decided to walk home rather than waiting for cable car or bus. Rain stopped again; was nice to have the sun dry me off a little bit. Still had to peel off my soaking-wet T-shirt; I really need to get a new windbreaker...

Very tired upon returning home. Had a tasty breakfast of cold baked yams, banana, and apple, all chopped up and sprinkled with cinnamon. Need to buy more oatmeal and brown rice later today. Whole foods are good fuel!

Cover photo!

Kayaking at Mission Creek
w00t! The above photo made up the entire front cover of the latest UCSF Fitness and Recreation catalog. They also used six other photos from this set and this set, shot at UCSF Library team-building events. I asked for and received photo credits, with a link to my pro web site on the inside front cover.

I'm really psyched. I hope this might lead to some paid gigs. I already let the contact at the fitness center know that I'm available for photo shoots.