March 6th, 2009


Home economics

Yesterday I bought about nine pounds of bulk dried beans - chickpeas, kidney, black, and pinto - at Real Food Company. I'd been spending over $2/can on organic beans (as I preferred Eden brand which doesn't have salt) and figured it would make more sense to cook them myself since I now have the time. I soaked two pounds of chickpeas and one pound of kidney beans overnight, then cooked them up in about 80 minutes. Yield: 12 1/2 cups chickpeas, 6 cups kidneys. A can is about 15 oz., the dried chickpeas were $1.79/lb and the kidneys $2.19/lb. Even counting the prep time and use of the stove, I came out well ahead.

As I was draining the cooked chickpeas, a handful spilled out into the sink. I fished them out, rinsed them off, and ate them. They were tender, buttery, and absolutely delicious.

I froze most of the beans in two-cup portions, and left some in the fridge to cook with this coming week. Defrosting beans will require a bit of planning vs pulling a can out of the cupboard, but I think the savings will be worth it. I do eat a lot of beans.
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I'm giving up drinking

After sitting at the bar at the Tonga Room alone for over two hours because I thought a friend was coming but he ended up deciding not to, I've decided to give up drinking. Alcohol is toxic, expensive, and with the meds I'm on, prone to make me act stupidly. I don't like most wine, beers, or spirits anyway, so giving it up is no big loss. Alcohol now joins animal flesh on my prohibited substance list.

Despite having a nice lunch date earlier in the day, I'm feeling pretty crappy right now.
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